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Sidetrack Productions started off as an Art Collective known as Sidetrack Project. As all our members were full-time employees, Sidetrack Project was solely a medium to take our minds off the hectic life as we meet occasionally to simply do what we love. We came together to do handicrafts, drawings & paintings, fine arts, digital media or photography, we came together, share ideas and ultimately come up with a few projects.

Sidetrack’s first few involvements with weddings came about in 2014 when we put all our doubts aside and humbly accepted friends’ requests to capture their precious moments. It was the happy faces and endless recommendations by satisfied friends and clients-turned-friends that made us realize that this is what we were meant to do. And the rest they say.. is history.


Less is more. Simple yet meaningful. Clean but edgy. We focus more on the storyline and happenings of your big day and will leave you with all the wonderful moments of the event.



Our team comprises of crazy passionate, talented, creative and experienced individuals with a careful understanding of compositing subjects and having the eye for details.  

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