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A strong storytelling video has always been Sidetrack’s main objective. We treat every wedding and event uniquely as we feel each one has its own stories and special moments. After we identify that unique factor, we use it as the base to craft the rest of the video.



Apart from having the highlight moments of the event, we also include in interviews of both the couples and guests. After all, the video is about the celebration of the couple’s journey together and an interview about the feelings they had for each other could top it off just right.



Most of our Videography Package comes with a 2-Men Team. This way we can cover both the Bride and Groom Preparations simultaneously prior to the event and also cover more angles throughout the big day! Our videographers are also trained to compliment each other shots rather than to compete.



Sidetrack’s focus has always been about the couples and their love story. There is no template or sequence that we follow strictly as we feel that each and every single one of our clients is special! Having said that, we prefer to have our style to be clean and edgy!

Check out our videos below!

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